Our Women’s Health Products


Our innovative products were created to fulfill our mission to improve the health of women worldwide and to help empower women everywhere to live their healthiest lives. Each product is carefully and uniquely formulated to meet women’s changing needs throughout their lifetime.

Zero in on estrogen-free birth control!
Slynd is a unique estrogen-free oral contraceptive providing a flexible, 24-hour window to catch up on a missed pill and scheduled periods. It’s an ideal choice for women who can’t take or don’t wish to take an oral contraceptive containing estrogen.

The prenatal vitamin that offers great expectations!
The Vitafol family of prescription prenatal vitamins provides vital nutritional support for your total wellbeing no matter what your stage of pregnancy. The Vitafol Ultra brand is the #1 prescribed prenatal in the USA.

Treat your BV with just one dose-One and Done!
With antimicrobial Nuvessa, women can treat BV (bacterial vaginosis) quickly and easily with a single dose at bedtime. Nuvessa eliminates the need for lengthy multi-dose treatments.

Nuvetest carton & swab

Fast, accurate and convenient.
Nuvetest offers fast, one-step, in-office detection of vaginitis associated with BV (bacterial vaginosis) and trichomonas. Nuvetest eliminates the need to wait for lab results.

The TOTAL Package.

If you’re looking for safe and effective birth control that may provide shorter, lighter periods then Tyblume® may be right for you. And the low cost removes most coverage obstacles for patients, so doctors can be confident there won’t be any surprises at the pharmacy.

Get your pill, your way.

My Pill and More™ is a patient-friendly telemedicine platform that connects women with an array of prescription products and educational resources to address their health needs from the comfort and safety of their home.

Pregnitude is a non-prescription, doctor-recommended dietary supplement created to help promote fertility for women who may be having difficulty conceiving. In clinical studies, Pregnitude helped support ovulation function and menstrual cycle regularity as well as the quality of a woman’s eggs.

Evolution60 is a unique, non-prescription dietary supplement that safely and easily helps to promote male fertility and reproductive health.

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