Rethinking healthcare
Mundo sano prevention activities

Social Responsibility

Our Commitment: Giving Back to Save Lives

Exeltis USA, Inc. (Formerly Everett Laboratories Inc.), together with our parent company Chemo Group and its non-profit organization Mundo Sano, is committed to the prevention of transmissible diseases that affect 1.4 Million people worldwide; mainly in Tropical regions. Mundo Sano which means Healthy World in Spanish stands to promote and educate research activities that lead to equal health access to these populations. 

Through Mundo Sano we have also partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in a bid to coordinate efforts to speed up the control and elimination of ten neglected tropical diseases.  The alliance works in support of World Health Organization targets and the Millennium Development goals set out by the United Nations for 2020 . It is our mission to make a positive stand within in communities and educate as well as develop new medicine to prevent the spread of these diseases. We aim to save lives by raising awareness, supporting scientific knowledge and most importantly saving lives.