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ALERT: Please note that Exeltis is aware that false and deceptive recruiting contacts are being made under the name and logo of Exeltis. The object of these unauthorized contacts appears to be to request in online interviews, the name of the applicant’s bank. The scam recruiter later requests that a copy of the applicant’s Social Security card or driver’s license be sent by email to a personal address. Such informal requests have no connection or association with Exeltis. Please call our Human Resources Manager at (973) 324-0200 if you have any doubts about a recruiting contact.

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Professional development opportunities in every area of the pharmaceutical business.

Why Work At Exeltis

We give you the opportunity to further develop your professional skills and competences in a leading global pharmaceutical group, with large international presence in more than 40 countries across 4 continents, and more than 4,000 professionals highly committed to improving healthcare and living conditions, providing access to safe, quality, effective and affordable medicines, and creating sustainable added-value to our stakeholders.

Exeltis is a multicultural and multidisciplinary workplace, where dynamism, flexibility, sense of initiative and business-oriented focus are core professional skills in a constantly evolving company.

What Are We Looking For?

At Exeltis we offer a wide variety of career opportunities. Whether you are an experienced professional or a college student, we can match your talents and knowledge with an exciting job opportunity within our company.


We offer opportunities for experienced professionals specializing in functional areas such as: R&D, Quality, Engineering and Maintenance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Regulatory Affairs, Business Development, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Patents, IT, Biotechnology and Communication; and qualifications mainly relating to the scientific field (Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry and Veterinary Science), in the cutting-edge, innovative environment that is the pharmaceutical sector.


We actively collaborate in the business training of university students to complete their academic education with a view to getting their future career off to the best start.

We have signed cooperation agreements to recruit university students for paid internships. Please contact our Human Resources Department for more information.

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Exeltis welcomes and encourages the submission of resumes.


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