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Chemo Group worldwide presence map

About Chemo Group

Chemo Group is a Spanish-based integrated healthcare multinational, involved in different fields of the pharmaceutical business, comprising of, all industry value chain: trading, generics (API, FDF) and branded pharmaceuticals.

Comprehensive geographic presence, with more than 30 Subsidiaries (Europe, Latin America, USA and Asia) , 9 industrial facilities (Spain, Italy, China and Argentina), 10 R&D centers, and more than 3,000 professionals globally deployed.

With a strong market position in the women's healthcare segment, Chemo Group experienced a fast international expansion in the last few years based on joint ventures agreements with local industry leaders.

Research, Development and Innovation are the core of Chemo Group's philosophy, focusing in those projects whose application in real life are able to better people's life conditions.

Chemo Group conducts operations according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), following European and U.S. standards.